Thanks for that clip from `Mad Men' - very powerful! How we ache for a simpler past :-) - one we can never experience fully again.

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Thank you, Marc! Couldn't agree more. Need to treat students and their work with respect and keep our expectations high. We should expect our students to be honest people who want to learn (while doing what we can to prevent cheating and dealing with it properly when it does happen).

I write about kids & ethics in my article "What is a Good American?"


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Hi Marc, thanks for this thoughtful post. I really resonate with your point about emphasizing the relationships that we have with our students regarding the use of these tools, something I've been thinking about recently as well: https://joshbrake.substack.com/p/education-in-the-world-of-chatgpt.

A cat and mouse framework for relating to our students and their work is bound to end in frustration for both parties. Collaboration > Competition.

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